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The Set-Up

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I posted something here! I am definitely overdue. Today was scrub day in the kennel so I thought it would be a good time to show you exactly where the dogs and your donations go. Biscuit got a bath so he was more than happy to help me model the space. Typically when you sign up to be a foster, you prepare to bring the dog inside and learn to acclimate to your space. Our set up here is a bit different for multiple reasons. One, we intake and move LOTS of dogs. Our space is designed to only house dogs that need a place to crash. Sometimes that means 24-48 hours and sometimes that means a week. Every now and then a dog like Biscuit falls through the cracks and ends up here longer. Two, this set up allows me to take the dogs that are not dog friendly, not potty trained, have kennel/shelter anxiety, etc.

I should point out that we do NOT condone dogs living outside 24/7 or being fostered that way.

We have two 15'x15' stalls with a middle gate that opens up when there is only one dog. We have added mesh (for the underweight or small dogs) and no climb edging for the mountain goat mixes! Since that addition we have only had one climbing breech. There is a tree on one side but we had to add some astro turf to the other side for the dogs that are potty trained, with no grass or tree option they think they have to hold it. All these additions were and still are a work in progress. I am learning something new every day.

We have had an amazing donation of two brand new large houses with flooring kits as both our current ones are broken in several ways. Our plan was to have the local high school kids come build them as part of a community outreach program and turn it into an event...cause there is always a reason to have a party! Unfortunately Covid-19 has put a hold on that, so we are making due. When it is safe to have large gatherings we will absolutely let you know! Think nice weather, local bbq, band, possibly a brewery.....lawn games.

As always if you can donate I try to keep our wishlist current. Food is always welcome as it lasts for a long time. We currently need new water bowls and wet food. The dogs don't NEED wet food but I try to spoil them and mix a little in. I did also add some orange balls. For whatever reason the orange ones are without a doubt the favorite.

The laundry.

The kennel from all different perspectives, mine and the dog's. Our broken water bowls that used to hang on the fence.

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