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The doors that COVID opened.

I can officially say now that I have resigned from my job at the hospital to focus more on my private business. I spent 5 wonderful years working in maternity taking pictures of your little bundles and met some amazing people, but it was time to move on. Being home since March set my mental wheels in motion and one of my long-term goals is now becoming a reality. Hopefully 2021 brings a multitude of better things for everyone but for me it brings my very own studio!

Before: the new studio space

I have always wanted to turn a barn into a workspace for myself. After walnut harvest this year, we start the long process of cleaning out and building this into my rustic little nook on the farm. Also, behind this will be about 30 acres of almonds which extends my bloom season for your pictures! My head is bursting with ideas and I cannot wait to get started. I know together we will create some wonderful art and memories.

The new logo

There is no way I could post a blog without something for the dogs, so here is our current wishlist if you want to help out! We really need collars, Large especially. There is always a new guest.

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