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2020 til now

For those of you who don't know, we are a temporary place for dogs to stay until they go to their rescue organization. We mainly house dogs straight from the shelter that are waiting on their ride. We do this to clear up space in the shelter (which gets many off the euth list) and to let dogs decompress from being overstimulated or scared before the next leg of their journey. This ranch has seen many animals over the years. I realized I haven't posted an update since 2019. Here are pictures of some of the animals we have cared for from March 2020 until now. We have an Amazon Wish List for food and supplies. Anything that is donated to us keeps money in rescue's bank accounts for vet care and more dogs! We foster for many rescues in the Pacific Northwest, but the one near and dear to our heart is The Underdog Railroad. Head on over and check out their page. The amount of animals they house and transport to rescue is staggering and we are proud to consider them friends. I won't sugar coat it, animal rescue is hard, like really hard....and messy. It is not something I searched for or ever thought I would be doing, but I am glad to find a place in the world where I can help. Enjoy these cute faces, there will be more soon!

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