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She is how.

People tell me constantly, "I just don't know how you do it." Honestly, sometimes I don't either. It's hard. It's dirty. Sometimes it seems thankless and like it will never end. We had a round of dogs the last month that was somewhat like that. I had 4 big dogs in a 2 stall kennel and got a call about 11 puppies dumped in the middle of a dead end road. And just like that, I was solely responsible for the care of 15 dogs. What?!? What the hell did I just do? I had to. There was no way I was leaving 11, 2 month old puppies in the middle of nowhere in freezing temperatures. After lots of help from the Stockton Animal Shelter, Underdog Railroad, Match Made in Heaven Rescue, The Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, & Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue we got everyone taken care of. Just when I think I can go get the stench cleaned out of my car, I see her. I was literally on my way to the detail place to get my car cleaned and there she was, walking down the middle of the street dragging a chain leash that was wrapped backwards around her neck. I thought for sure when I stopped she would bolt. I pulled to the side of the road and I saw the hope in her eyes. I may have uttered some choice words at that point knowing full well what stopping meant for both of us. She happily trotted over and loaded up in the back of my car. It was then that the smell hit me. She is missing hair in clumps all over her body and in places it is infected from her scratching. Not only that, her eyes are goopy, you can see her bones, and she is.... lovely. She really is. She is the sweetest dog that just wants my arms around her. So at this point "operation garage" is back on. I have two boys in my kennel and no where else to keep her out of the rain. I did drive back and forth down the road to check and see if anyone was looking for her. I thought at best I would try to educate them and give them a proper leash and collar. There was no one. No one was searching for her. No one will call the shelter and see if she is found. This is the reality of where I live. I will go through all the proper, legal channels and no one will come to claim her. As one of my fosters was getting adopted last week, someone walked over to me and asked if I was giving my dog away. Then in the next breath he tells me he used to breed shepherds. I can almost guarantee there was no license, paperwork, or vet care in his little breeding operation. I don't think I will ever understand the need to not fix your dog, or just let them have one litter. Or my personal favorite, not get your dog fixed and let them roam free on your property. What I do know is that she is my reason. She is how I do it. Seeing the hope in her eyes keeps me going in a positive direction. She is the reason I won't quit.

If you want to help me save dogs, here are the things we need to do that. Food is the biggest need honestly. We can always use food! Link:

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Thank you ❤️



The story is heartbreaking, as it always is, and the photos are harrowing as they always are. But this isn't where the story ends. And I can't wait to see how she looks when she goes to her new forever family that will never abandon her again. Bless you and your family for putting up with the stench, Missy. You are a rescue warrior in the truest sense. ❤

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