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My Village.

Sometimes it takes a village. That's what people say. I know having kids that statement rings true for me, but I never realized how much it actually meant until I started rescuing dogs. For each dog that goes home, there are dozens of hands involved. Saving just one dog can mean 8-10 people working toward a common goal. I think that is very important for people to understand. Some of those people you see and hear about and some you never will. For those of you unsung heroes that get your hands dirty, your heart broken and rebuilt again on the daily, and go to sleep worrying about a dog you might never get an update on; I see you.

I got a message last week from a friend of a friend who was urgently trying to find a temporary home for her senior dog. This family was going through extreme financial hardship (living in hotels) and was on the verge of becoming homeless. These people are just like you and me with jobs and kids. I realized very quickly after meeting them that really the only difference in my life and theirs was my village. My group of people I can reach out to in times where I can't help myself; my family and my friends, who are my chosen family. Not having a support system like that can be detrimental to someone going through a hard time. I have had moments like that in my life and if it weren't for my people I would surely be in the same spot.

I reached out to a friend and she welcomed their dog with open arms. He now has a safe, warm place to call home while his humans get themselves back on track.

I am beyond thankful for my village and am blown away by their generosity every day. I should note that the family has been accepted into a program that will give them a fully furnished apartment for 3 months while they work to get back on their feet. It makes my heart happy to know they are getting a second chance. And their best buddy will be safe until they are ready to be reunited.

I have updated our wishlist here at Alpine Road to include Mr. B's food if you want to help him out! As always, our other fosters can use food too!


If you are reading this you are in fact in my village and I am proud to have you.

Baxter heading to his temporary home, hanging out with my dog Winnie.

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24. 8. 2018

You’re an Angel, Missy. Proud to be a small part of your amazing village. Thank you for all you do for so many!

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